Power Stack

Power Stack

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Surge Active Trim
Surge Active Pump
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There is no messy around when it comes to the POWER Stack, just two of the best products on the market. The Power Stack delivers the best blood flow and pump along with the focus and fat loss that makes even grown men cry.


Optimized Fat Loss & Focus - Specifically designed to help blast past those fat burning plateaus. With TRIM specifically formulated weight-loss blend it is designed to help you keep burning those stubborn calories all while maintaining and improving that lean sculpted look. Mental focus, energy, and fat burning complex with added thermogenic support that will make you sweat. All this in one formula to help you blast through your workout and achieve that lean, sexy, and sculpted look you desire.

Burn Fat - Proven weight loss ingredients to help maximize your calorie burning during your workout. Get lean while being strong.

Focus - New patented ingredients to ensure laser sharp focus while enhancing endurance and performance.

Endurance - Endurance based ingredients to help carry you through your toughest workouts.


Who doesn’t like skin splitting vascularity during your workout? With ingredients specifically designed to help maximize blood flow get the most out of your workout with PUMPS that help grow the muscle.
  • Citrulline Malate: Designed to help increase nitric oxide in the bloodstream for increased pump, endurance and muscle growth
  • Nitrosigine: A quick acting pump ingredient designed to spike nitric oxide levels and keep them elevated during the workout
  • Bioperine: Quick uptake and an all natural pump based ingredient

Pump is Stim Free! It's not all about the caffeine… whether you’re hitting a late-night gym session or just looking for a little extra kick in your workout PUMP has been designed to help you maximize your workout session. Little do most know, but caffeine and most stimulants make it harder for oxygen and blood to get into the muscle.

That’s where PUMP comes into play, with specifically designed ingredients to help increase oxygen levels and blood flow to the muscles to help increase endurance, vascularity, and recovery all in one. PUMP can be taken by itself or stacked onto one of our phenomenal pre-workout formulas to take your workout to the next level.

Disclaimer: If one item is OUT OF STOCK, then your stack order will ship when that item becomes available.



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Angie Jebb
Love it

Amazing. Always amazing!!