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Transformation with Craig Smith

Posted on March 24 2017

Surge Transformation Tuesday with Craig Smith

Tannar: I have Craig and he has an amazing story with our fat burner and he was trying to get ready for his 25th Wedding Anniversary. He wanted to do something special for his sweetie pie. Our awesome Surge Family members Wade and Tammy Welcker who are always representing our brand shared the products with Craig. I’m going to let him finish the story, so take it away.

Craig: I truly appreciate my family for sharing this product and I did want to get ready for my sweethearts 25 years. I’m thinking dang we made it 25 years and my wife is a beautiful lady and she keeps herself in amazing shape and I’m thinking why don’t I, why don’t I keep myself in the kind of shape and be the guy of her dreams. Now she’ll disagree and say you’re always in my dreams, but you all know what we’re talking about. So I started taking the Surge fat burner and using some of the other products as well and in just less than two months I add a lost 28 pounds. I wasn’t starving myself, or anything weird I was exercising every day and also eating five times a day. I was having my oatmeal with brown sugar and butter so I wasn’t being to weird. The burner was incredible I couldn’t believe it.

Tannar: You wanted to be in better shape for his 25th Wedding Anniversary and give back to his wife. And he said if someone were to get divorced and someone would lose their wife or their spouse in one way or another then would you hit the gym harder, would you lose weight because you’re putting yourself on the market. I found that interesting when we were just chatting, because why would you not do that for the person that you’re currently with?

Craig: When people are dating or they're just beginning the relationship putting their best foot forward, they’re looking the best they can be, they’re careful about you know, they just want to look great. There’s always time to be comfortable and get in the jammies on the couch and just chill; not have to wear the make-up etc. But to me there’s this place where you decide in your relationship, “Why don’t I try really hard everyday to make my relationship my full-time job?” Why don’t I give my best instead of giving the leftovers to my partner, spouse or girlfriend or whatever? Instead of giving the leftovers, why don’t we give them the best of each other?

Tannar: I love stuff like that, here at Surge we are not just in the Bodybuilding world and not only athletics. We want to help the everyday average Joe whoever that is. You were talking to me about the way it made you feel even losing the weight and literally fitness is about bettering the individual success, not looking at the next guy comparing yourself. What if you don’t have the genetics to look like that? Bettering yourself each and every day to accomplish your goals, which I don’t believe in goals, I believe in Achievements it’s just a matter of time, that’s a topic for another day. You wanted to achieve something and when you got there you feel better, your day is better, your wife looks at you different and you begin to cherish moments a little more and not taking your wife for granted. This is what we want to talk about here, motivation and mindset.

Craig: And deciding that each day you’re going to give that person in your life the best you. Because once you realize in your mind that there is a best you, then why would I not want to give her the best me. I love this lady, I mean we’ve been together a long time and why don’t I give her the best me everyday. I just let myself go because she’s in love with me and she’s happy and we are in love. I’m just committed to that and I’ve told her that, “I will never go back”.

Tannar: I put on my original Instagram, “Be the best version of you.”

Craig: Well said, exactly. We’ve all got it and we all know it but when we decided to surrender and wave that white flag and say, “I’m done”. What are you saying about your relationship, for me your physical is connected your spiritual, emotional, mental and everything. I’ll admit she has been really pleased lately. All of the sudden it’s more playful and it’s like we’re dating again.

Tannar: It’s the way you felt about yourself and you want to flirt with her again and her you. That’s the biggest thing I want tell Surge Nation and challenge you, are you being the best version of you? Or are you using a crutch? Be the best version of you. Whatever it is, work hard and be the best version of you.

Thank you Craig for the 28lbs that you lost.



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